Published on : 2017-05-03 16:46:35

io (the only exchange that hosts the coin) has started to revive, touching 8 satoshi. It is all I look for in a cryptocurrency – flawed, wounded, underestimated, beat down, cheap, and me being one of the few knowing how much good stuff is coming ahead. Summary As of this writing, 7th of August, the price on coinexchange. The price had just started rising, with a peak of 0. Fear and uncertainly, and even panic for this prolonged period, has brought the price back down as low as 4 satoshis. A buying opportunity at a dirt-cheap price with great prospects right there. The coin is one of Bitcoin’s descendants, it is going to offer many decentralized cloud services such as file storage and email. Once the new wallet is finally working, applications for listing the coin on other exchanges are coming – bittrex at least, and a few videos on how to install/work the wallet and how to stake the coins. This means that probably within days, he will send the new version to the exchange and they will finally take the wallet out of maintenance for the first time in 6 weeks. And work on the features outlined in the roadmap that is running very late, will be resumed.

There are a few other people that are very involved with the coin and help out with development and design. 00000048 and a steady support at around 0. Here is some insider info: we speak to Griffith on slack every day. He has rewritten the code, cleaned up the reputation of the coin, created a new website for it, created a roadmap and chosen a niche. I don’t want to pump it, just because I am a holder crypto coin exchange. It has had a couple of names and previous logos so far. This coin was created and maintained by a scammer several years ago. The original developer quit the project and a guy named Griffith took over the project in 2014. There have been wallet problems for about 6 weeks now. He is quitting his day job in a month to get on ECC full time crypto coin exchange.

I hold several million ECC tokens, bought at 20-25 satoshis. I will tell you about the problems of the coin in a second. 00000020, when the problems with the wallet started and the only exchange the coin is traded on, coinexchange.Factom.
. On the other hand the community is very active, the developer is very devoted, there are plenty of good features coming, a youtube channel, a wallet fix and GUI redesign which looks amazing. The website has been revamped, we have a new logo created by the community, a brand new wallet GUI with translations to more than 20 languages, and the so long awaited wallet fixes are going to be released probably this week. The reason for this is that the developer Greg Griffith told us yesterday that the wallet fixes are finally ready and in testing. Trading volume and price are expected to go back to normal. .Waves.Binance Coin.

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